The Power of Attending

attention Jan 18, 2020

“The little things, they aren’t little. They’re life.” Jon Kabat-Zinn.

We spend so much of our lives rushing to “become something” – a professional, a business owner, a teacher, a spouse, a parent. We’re always chasing that elusive something that will “complete” us, and finally make us “happy”. In our rushing to get to the next level of our quest, it never even occurs to us to turn our attention toward what’s right here, right now.

Shauna Shapiro says “What you pay attention to grows stronger” and it’s true! If there’s something in your life you would like to be closer to – your body, your heart, a friendship – give it your attention – kind, curious, non-judgmental. Really open yourself to learning something new about it. Something you don’t yet know. Release any agenda, expectation, or thoughts you have about it and just hold the thing itself in your spacious attention.

You’ll likely find that the more you pay attention, the more there is to pay attention to – more detail, more complexity, more beauty – an invitation to come closer. And, in this process of paying close attention, you may find that you too are changing. You may find peace.


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