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Stress sneaks up on you. At first you may ignore the signs as “just part of life”. But chronic stress operates in an ever-tightening cycle that rarely improves on its own. Worry, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, and repetitive distorted thinking escalate. Try as you might, you can't "will yourself" out of this cycle. You need practices and tools you can put to use now for being with the challenges of daily life in a radically different way.

That's what this program is all about!

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 💠 Calmer, more relaxed

💠 Less reactive under pressure

💠 Free from repetitive stressful thinking

💠 Rested with better sleep

💠 More focused & productive

💠 Resilient - you bounce back quicker

💠 Healthier with a stronger immune system and lower blood pressure

💠 Engaged & connected

💠 Kinder -  to yourself & others

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6 Weekly Video Lessons

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Guided Audio Meditations for Home Practice

Yours to keep, plus downloadable tools to keep you on track!

Guided Videos in Gentle Yoga for Home Practice

Floor & Chair Sequences. Yours to keep. 

Private Community Discussion Forum

Ask questions and stay connected during and after the program. 

Optional Add-On: Coaching Calls

If you like, include two personal coaching calls with Madeline.

Optional Add-On: Weekly Live Group Sessions

Try out our online mindfulness learning & practice group.

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Hear from Recent Participants


I have experienced some significant changes in myself since taking this course. I'm able to pause more between the "stressor" and my response so I'm not as reactive during challenging moments. Doing daily yoga and meditation practices have helped me create positive habits by slowing down to focus on stretching and breathing in the present moment. I've also become less judgmental of myself and others, and more accepting of  people and circumstances beyond my control.  I have greater awareness when observing  my own thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors and that helps me to be more mindful and less on "auto-pilot" mode. 

Mary Ann

Last year, I became the main caregiver for my husband. My life was filled with anxiety, stress and worrying about the future. With mindfulness training, I have learned how to slow down, live in the moment, and enjoy the small things in life.

I also learned how emotions affect your body. Practicing awareness and how to control how I think, adopting loving kindness in my life and acknowledging my emotions profoundly changed how I react to the daily stress. I have found more peace, calm and joy with the new tools and practices I have learned from Madeline. I highly recommend this course for anyone needing direction, and a way to cope with stress in today’s world. It was truly a life-changing experience. 



I’ve enjoyed this 6-week program on mindfulness.  Madeline has a real gift with her words and calming effect. I wanted to learn how to mediate better and have more tools on how to relax.

I feel that I’m more mindful about my overall health.  I’m exercising more and eating better.

I’m paying attention to my sleep habits. I’ve joined her weekly mediation group so I don’t lose what I’ve gained.  I am regularly doing a morning Yoga and short mediation each morning.  It’s a great way to start the day.

In a desperate search for bettering my personal mental health, I came across the Integrative Mindfulness course Mindfulness for Stress Relief. I suffer severe depression and anxiety and wanted to explore new paths to manage my conditions. The lessons I learned were so beneficial to my everyday health, incorporating meditation & mindfulness with yoga.

Madeline has given me the tools to gain peace of mind and kindness towards myself and others. I am forever grateful.


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Course Only

With the “Course Only” option, you will have everything you need to learn how to practice mindfulness. In addition, you will understand the nuts and bolts of how mindfulness training works to reduce your stress.

Once you enroll, you will receive immediate access to Module 1 of the course. After watching the video lessons in Module 1, you can start practicing with the downloadable audio and video recordings, a little each day. With gentle movement and simple meditation, along with some simple activities you can easily incorporate into your day, you will naturally start implementing the things you have learned in your daily life, and feeling the benefits and changes. Approximately 30 minutes per day of home practice is recommended. You’ll be on your way!

After week 1, a new module will open each week for five more weeks, and you will gain access to more video lessons, practices, and exercises. You will be building on what you are learning week by week. By following this training, and implementing the home practices, you can be one of the many people who are enjoying the benefits of this powerful and healthy "keystone skill" known as "mindfulness".


or 3 monthly payments of $33

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Course + Coaching

With the "Course Plus Coaching" option you will receive everything as described under the “Course Only” option, PLUS the opportunity to schedule two live coaching calls with the instructor, Madeline Ebelini, to discuss your mindfulness meditation questions and experiences in more detail, and to receive advice and suggestions addressing your unique concerns. If you’d like to have more than two coaching calls, you can add additional calls later, as needed, which will be priced separately.


or 3 monthly payments of $65

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With the "Course Plus Coaching & Group" option you will receive everything described in Options 1 and 2, plus the support of weekly live sessions with Madeline featuring supplemental mindfulness training, guided meditation, and group discussion. You'll be part of an ongoing mindfulness community.

You will receive a 3 month complimentary membership in our live weekly online learning and practice group “Remember to Breathe”. Many people find that once they complete the Mindfulness for Stress Relief course, and feel the benefits of mindfulness, they want to be part of an ongoing community to maintain their mindfulness practice.

You will receive a discount code after checkout which you can use when the time is right for you. Start participating in the group as you take the course, or you can wait until after you have completed the course to join the ongoing live group. 

Live sessions are held via Zoom each Monday at 7 pm ET. Sessions are recorded so you always have access to the online library of past sessions in case you miss one or just want to review.


or 3 monthly payments of $85

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Here's What Others Are Saying

One of the best things I've ever done for myself. Totally worth the money. I have a higher frustration tolerance and less body tension. My lower back pain is almost 100% eliminated. I feel more peaceful and accepting of myself. My sleep is much better, and uninterrupted.

~ M.G.

The most valuable class I have ever taken! It’s too bad I didn’t have these tools 30 years ago!

~ G.M.


This course taught me so much about how I was living on auto-pilot for so many years. It's given me a second chance to live a new life and to let each day unfold one moment, one breath at a time.

~ B.R.

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Chronic stress operates in a cycle that rarely improves on its own.

Having taught the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in person for the past 10 years, I’ve taken the essential elements that have helped me and so many of my students and put them into this program of training and practice that you can follow from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Meditation, gentle yoga, and the stress-reduction principles I teach in Mindfulness for Stress Relief have helped me manage the challenges of life in a healthy way and to feel at ease just being me.

If you're willing to do the work and follow my 6-Steps to Less Stress, in just 6 weeks you can feel better and have tools that will last a lifetime.

Madeline Ebelini MA CMT-P
Certified Mindfulness Instructor
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