Saying Goodbye

gratitude grief loss pets Aug 13, 2020
His name was Peanut. He became part of our family as a puppy in 2002 as a gift to our eight-year old son. We never could have dreamed what a treasure he would be. During part of his life he was a therapy dog at a nursing home where he brought tons of joy. He passed away this week. I miss him terribly and will never, ever forget him. He taught my family and me a lot about how to live.
Here are some things we learned from Peanut: 
Mangos are delicious. If you can snag one from under the backyard tree and haul it into your bed for a midnight snack do it! 
There’s no place like home.
Eat with gusto.
Drink lots of water
Wag your tail often, especially when you see someone you love
Make friends with the UPS guy, he’ll give you a biscuit
Love your people
If you’re feeling silly, show it!
It’s OK if you put on a little weight during mango season.
Tug of war is super fun! (There really are no rules to this game.)
If you’re going to try to sneak into someone’s lunchbox, plan your getaway first. 
When the weather is nice, lie down in the grass and take a nap in the sunshine. 
If the doggie door won’t open, just go through the screen
Baths are no fun, hide if you can. 
Keep going, even though it’s hard
Stay close to the ones you love, even if it means lying on the floor
The vacume cleaner is nobody’s friend.
Always greet people enthusiastically when they return home, even if they’ve only been gone a short while.
When your bed is being laundered hang in there. It’ll be back soon. 
Be part of the team.
Love with your whole heart. 
Saying “goodbye” is so very hard. But it’s the trade we must make for the priceless gift of having said “hello”.
Miss you buddy.

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