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Need some simple stress reduction techniques you can easily practice anywhere – even with a busy schedule? 

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In addition to these 3 quick and effective practices, after watching this webinar you will also:

  • Gain a better understanding of what mindfulness is and how you can easily integrate it into your life as an effective stress-management tool.
  • Learn how to ease tension in your body and quiet your mind so you can navigate through common daily stressors with greater resilience.
  • Learn two simple stress coping techniques to deal with challenging emotions as they arise.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of mindfulness or meditation to use these practical techniques. 

Take one step toward a calmer, more relaxed, and more resilient you.

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Stress, anxiety, insomnia, and self-judgement are running high for many people right now. You may have tried many different methods for dealing with these symptoms but still feel like you’re constantly on edge. I know how frustrating and scary that can be...I’ve been there too.

I'm a certified mindfulness instructor with a mission of helping people reduce stress through teaching them practical and effective mindfulness techniques.

Years ago, as a stressed-out lawyer and mom, my daily life was filled with chronic worry, irritability, panic attacks, insomnia, and stress. Then I discovered something amazing!

Through practices like meditation and mindful movement I was able to reduce stress, quiet my anxious mind, sleep better, and be comfortable in my own skin.  And you can do the same!

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to manage and reduce stress using time-tested, scientifically sound practices like mindfulness, meditation, gentle yoga, and self-compassion. Science confirms that mind/body practices reduce the effects of stress and improve health and well-being. 

Start feeling calmer, rested, more flexible, less rushed, and more able to enjoy life today!


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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the skill of non-judgmental present-moment attention.  Your mindfulness becomes stronger through contemplative practices like meditation and yoga. Mindfulness incorporates the embodied and sensory experience of life. It is perhaps these factors, as well as the non-judgmental character of mindfulness, that are responsible for its therapeutic value and growing popularity. Research shows that regular mindfulness practice leads to measurable improvements in the quality of human life.


Meditation is a contemplative practice of gently training your attention to be in the present moment by selecting an "object of attention" to focus on , such as the feeling of your breathing, the sensations in your body, sounds, or the feeling of taking each step while walking. 

Meditation has been described as "simple but not easy".  Over time you develop the capacity to notice more.  You come to see how your mind works and what kinds of things occupy your attention most of the time. 

With your strengthened sense of awareness you can begin to consciously choose how you respond to life in the moment, rather than reacting automatically based on over-learned habits of reactivity.  Life begins to flow with more peace and ease.


The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit work "yuj" meaning to yoke, unite, or join together.  As a contemplative practice, yoga joins body, mind, and spirit.  The physical benefits of yoga are increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, and improved respiration, sleep, energy, and vitality. 

When practiced regularly, which can be done either on the floor or in a chair, yoga enables mental clarity and calmness, improves body awareness, relieves chronic stress, relaxes the mind, focuses attention, and sharpens concentration.

An interactive online course

Learn 6 Steps

to Less Stress

Mindfulness for Stress Relief is an online course for busy people experiencing the intensifying and alarming symptoms of chronic stress such as constant worry, insomnia, anxiety, impatience, and repetitive ruminative thinking.  

Through live interactive sessions, step-by-step videos, guided meditations, and regular home practice you can rewire your nervous system for calm, presence, focus and ease and get your life back on track by following Six Steps to Less Stress, using the science of neuroplasticity and the evidence-based techniques of mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga.

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About Madeline

Madeline Ebelini was once a busy lawyer. Now she is a certified mindfulness instructor. She holds certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the Center for Mindfulness at the University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine. She is also recognized by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher-Professional (CMT-P). She holds a  master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where her graduate work explored mindfulness as the context for growth-fostering relationships, healing community, and integral transformative practice. She is trained in multiple mindfulness-based interventions including Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Mindful Eating Conscious Living (MECL). Madeline is also a registered yoga teacher and a daily practitioner of mindfulness meditation.

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