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Studio Rental at Integrative Mindfulness

Integrative Mindfulness currently has class time slots available for rental by qualified and dedicated Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, and teachers of other movement/healing arts such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

The studio at Integrative Mindfulness is approximately 630 square feet with wood floors, plenty of natural light, a beautiful landscaped view, and a serene atmosphere. It is stocked with a variety of yoga props: sticky mats, blankets, bolsters, straps, sand bags, eye pillows, and folding chairs. Teachers may connect their phone/mp3/iPad to the Bose digital music system for access to their preferred music during classes. There is plenty of onsite parking.

Unlike many large yoga studios, Integrative Mindfulness does not pay teachers to teach. Instead, teachers are independent contractors who run their own classes/workshops at the studio. This model gives teachers autonomy and encourages them to have a direct relationship with their students.  It also allows teachers to generate far more income than they would under the big studio model. However, for teachers it is an initial investment of time, energy and money.

Regular Weekly Classes

  • You are encouraged to contact Integrative Mindfulness, send in your resume, and let us know if there is a particular time you are interested in. ([email protected])
  • The rent is $25 for a one-hour class, $31.25 for a 1.25-hour class, and $37.50 for a 1.5-hour class. Click here for an illustration of potential teacher earnings at Integrative Mindfulness.

The rent is paid on a monthly basis, at the beginning of the month. The rent is averaged out over a six-month period so the same amount is due each month. Teachers pay for the time slot each week, whether the class takes place or not, with the exception of official US holidays which teachers do not pay for (unless they opt to teach their class on the holiday).

A six-month commitment is requested, but teachers are encouraged to commit for a year, as this is the minimum amount of time needed to build healthy classes.

Teachers can opt to teach in a series format, with particular dates for a particular series, or they can teach an ongoing drop-in class or classes that take place continuously every week.

Teachers are responsible for collecting their own fees, keeping track of their student base, marketing their classes, and building the class size.

Unplanned class cancellations are strongly discouraged as this reflects poorly on the teacher and the studio.

Official holidays are:

January 1 (New Year’s Day)

Presidents Day (In February)

Easter Sunday (in March or April)

Memorial Day  (in May)

July 4 (Independence Day)

Columbus Day (in October)

Thanksgiving Day (in November)

December 24-January 1 (studio closes for a week)

Teachers must show proof of insurance through a reputable insurance company, with the studio owner and Integrative Mindfulness named as additional insureds.

How Integrative Mindfulness Supports Your Classes / Workshops 

Integrative Mindfulness will maintain a schedule on its website listing classes, class descriptions, fees, and teacher information including names, bios, and headshots, with contact information and links. Integrative Mindfulness will also publicize your classes through it’s monthly e-newsletter, social media, and studio bulletin board. 


If you are interested in teaching a public workshop at Integrative Mindfulness, please send your proposal, resume, and bio to [email protected] If your proposal is approved, the rental fee is $30 per hour / $75 per half day / $150 full day. You will be asked to provide proof of insurance and a Certificate of Insurance naming the studio owner and Integrative Mindfulness as additional insureds. You will handle the registration of workshop participants and pay the rent to Integrative Mindfulness after the event. There is a $30 cancellation fee for workshops that are cancelled.


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